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Message Sent


When I went up the stage to accept an award during the 2010 PEBA Night last December 16, I had this strange feeling exactly the same when Alma of Israel asked me “Kuya, pwede bang magpadala?” Yes, I brought her money then.  And now, by this humble prize, we’ve touched millions of people around the world — MESSAGE SENT. 

Thank you PEBA for this recognition.  It’s really a great honor to be part of this year’s contest.

Special thanks are owed to, & for their support in promoting my entry.  Maraming maraming salamat — The Fort, The Lawyer, and The Priest!


To my family, friends (here and abroad), colleagues, and to all my fellow bloggers especially U-bloggers, thank you very much for your support. With me in the photo below are my two sisters (Gerlie & Bhell) and one of my best friends (Don), thank you for coming with me.