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When I went up the stage to accept an award during the 2010 PEBA Night last December 16, I had this strange feeling exactly the same when Alma of Israel asked me “Kuya, pwede bang magpadala?” Yes, I brought her money then.  And now, by this humble prize, we’ve touched millions of people around the world — MESSAGE SENT. 

Thank you PEBA for this recognition.  It’s really a great honor to be part of this year’s contest.

Special thanks are owed to, & for their support in promoting my entry.  Maraming maraming salamat — The Fort, The Lawyer, and The Priest!


To my family, friends (here and abroad), colleagues, and to all my fellow bloggers especially U-bloggers, thank you very much for your support. With me in the photo below are my two sisters (Gerlie & Bhell) and one of my best friends (Don), thank you for coming with me.


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  1. BONISTATION says:

    base! ^^ CONGRATULATIONS again!! and more power to you Batangmangyan! mas marami kapang mabibigyan ng inspirasyon! sana ay patuloy kang magsulat at gamitin ang talento para mas marami pang maging positibo ang pananaw sa buhay!

    May God continuously bless you on this day and forward! HAPPY NEW YEAR!

  2. Dennis says:


    I just like to comment that you deserve to be on top 10 if not the top prize. Looking and reading those entries I knew from the start that you’ll get in. And hell yeah, there you are with your cool chucks sharing the spotlight!

    Give/share inspiration and continue blogging worth reads not just in times that you have to join, should I say, contest, like of this of PEBA.

    Congrats tsong!


  3. Jorge says:


  4. duking says:

    congrats tol bm!

    well deserve for the story you share.

    happy new year din sa iyo at buong family!

  5. bongkito says:

    congrats BM to the feat you have achieved and to your new home!!!

    i’ll update my blogroll na lang! ingats bro!

  6. Joyo says:

    tunay namang nakakaantig ang kwento mo at isa ako sa mga nakarelate sa binahagi mo… congrats… :D

  7. jeson says:

    kaya kita idol kuya jo eh..


  8. france says:

    didn’t have the chance to say CONGRATS nung napakilala ka sa amin ni bonix…. you deserve it! swerte ko nakilala ko ang isa sa mga magagaling na bloggers! keep on inspiring us!

  9. Topexpress says:

    From TOPEXPRESS to Manang Selya (Kinulte seller)


    You deserve the recognition being one of the best bloggers sa PEBA.

    Continue to write stories and entries so more people can learn and be inspire from your life lessons, heart felt stories!

    Kudos BM!

  10. Pong says:

    Congrats ulit insan!
    Update na xD

  11. jason says:

    oi kuya jo! wahahaha

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